The following Constitution has been agreed by Great Aycliffe Town Council.  It contains information about how the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that those decisions are efficient, transparent and accountable to the community.

The Constitution is divided into 14 articles which set out the basic rules for governing the Council’s business.


Contents and Introduction
1.  How the Council Operates
2.  Committee Structure
3.  Powers and Duties of Committees
4.  Information for Mayor
5.  Members Allowances Scheme
6. (A) – Standing_Orders
6. (B) – Standing Orders for Procurement
7. Financial Regulations
8. Scheme of Delegation
9.  Rights of Citizen’s
10. Model Code of Conduct – November 2017 and Notice of Adoption of Code of Conduct
11. Officers Code of Conduct Policy – November 2017
12. (A) Protocol –  Councillor / Officer
12. (B) Protocol – Council Facilities and Resources by Councillors
13. Strategies / High Level Documents / Service Plans – List
14. Index of Policies and Procedures