Wildflower Meadows

Wildflowers in Newton Aycliffe

For several years Great Aycliffe Town Council have been managing areas around the Town as wild flower meadows, the most notable location being near the railway station. The sculpture on the grassland depicts a common blue butterfly resting on an orchid; both of which are a regular sight during the summer.

Meadows are managed by allowing the natural plants to flower and disperse their seeds before cutting and removing the vegetation in later summer.  By doing this, the seed bank will improve over several seasons producing a richer show of flowers year on year.

Recently several new meadows have been created around the Town including in both the Town and Woodham Park. At the moment, these areas appear to be little more than rough grassland, but given a few years these meadows will flourish into colourful grassland like elsewhere in the Town given the correct management.

Other particularly species rich areas can be found through Woodham Burn and in West Park.  Many people walk by these meadows and may notice the impressive display of natural colour but on closer inspection these areas are often made up of a diverse range of plant species.

If you would like to know more about these areas please contact the Environment Officer on 01325 300700.