Aycliffe Festival

The Festival is not one event, is it lots of events held throughout the Town and Aycliffe Village organised by organisations, residents’ associations, and community centres who organise an event or events in their own area for everyone to enjoy.  The date for 2018 was 13th – 29th July inclusive, encompassing three weekends.

The Aycliffe Festival is now beginning to be recognised by the people of Aycliffe as a series of diverse events in July each year.  The events range from displays of bears and angels to live snakes, music festivals and music nights. For those of you who have not been able to attend and even those of you who are only now hearing about it, see the links above to previous years to see a sample of what you missed.

It is important that we have feedback from members of the public who went to the events so that we know what type of event is important to you.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could complete the short form below.

Festival Feedback

We really need to hear from you. Your views about the Festival are really important and will be taken into account for the 2018 Festival.
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We are always ready to hear from you if you are thinking about organising an event for the Festival and we hold meetings especially for current, new and potential organisers to come along and discuss their plans, and find out what the benefits are of organising an event for your community.

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Events organised by the local community during the past three years have provided a wide variety of experiences for children and adults and delivered a range of activities throughout the Parish.