Letters to Santa

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Each year there are special post boxes which appear throughout the Parish. Some think that the boxes are placed by elves or pixies but nobody has ever seen them so it is very hard to be really sure. The boxes are there for children to post their letters to Santa and each letter receives a personalised reply from Santa himself.

They will probably appear on 3rd December and mysteriously disappear again on Monday 17th December early in the morning.

Unfortunately, every year Santa receives lots of letters that have no name or address on them so he is unable to reply.  Parents and party organisers are asked to make sure that the child’s name and address is marked clearly on the letter as the parents might be able to read their child’s writing but Santa’s eyesight is not so good these days!

There is a form below that you can fill in instead of posting your letter, but if you would like to write it by hand and post it, the boxes will be placed at:

  • Youngs Newsagent, Beveridge Way
  • John’s Your Very Own Mini Market, Neville Parade
  • Horndale Post Office
  • Village Store, Woodham
  • McColls Newsagents at Simpasture
  • Joy Marie Hairdressing at Aycliffe Village
  • If you let us know your e-mail address your reply will be sent by e-mail. If you prefer to receive it by post (only available until 18th December), complete the address section below.
  • Postal replies are only available until noon on 19th December. E-mail replies can be sent to you right up to noon on 21st December.
  • Please write what you would like Santa to bring you. Remember, Santa has lots of boys and girls to deliver to so he might not be able to bring everything you ask for.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.