All coaches are ‘executive coaches’ with a minimum of 49 seats and a toilet on board.

There is one mobility friendly coach to each destination which is the same specification as the other coaches. It has a wheelchair hoist to enable people with mobility problems to board the coach without using the stairs and can also be used by people who need to travel in their wheelchair. We only have about 2 people each year who need to use this facility, so anyone can use these coaches, not only those with mobility problems.

Mon 03-Jun-19 South Shields
Tues 04-Jun-19 Scarborough
Wed 05-Jun-19 Borders
Thurs 06-Jun-19 Lakes
Fri 07-Jun-19 Northumberland
Mon 10-Jun-19 Blackpool
Tues 11-Jun-19 Northumberland – Mobililty Friendly
Wed 12-Jun-19 Borders
Thurs 13-Jun-19 Lakes
Fri 14-Jun-19 Northumberland
Mon 17-Jun-19 South Shields- Mobililty Friendly
Tues 18-Jun-19 Scarborough
Wed 19-Jun-19 Lakes
Thurs 20-Jun-19 Borders
Fri 21-Jun-19 Northumberland
Mon 24-Jun-19 Blackpool
Tues 25-Jun-19 Lakes
Wed 26-Jun-19 Borders – Mobililty Friendly
Thurs 27-Jun-19 Scarborough- Mobililty Friendly
Fri 28-Jun-19 Northumberland
Mon 01-Jul-19 Scarborough
Tues 02-Jul-19 Blackpool- Mobililty Friendly
Wed 03-Jul-19 Borders
Thurs 04-Jul-19 Lakes- Mobililty Friendly
Fri 05-Jul-19 Northumberland
Mon 08-Jul-19 Scarborough
Tues 09-Jul-19 Borders