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Fees and Charges

Golf membership prices, green fees and other charges are set annually by the Council’s Charges Working Group, in consultation with the Golf Manager and run from 1st April until 31st March. A full list of charges can be downloaded from this link (opens in a new window).

All fees and charges are also included in the rules and regulations issued to members each year.

The following specific rules should also be noted:
Senior Citizens (Over 60)

  • Anyone who is over 60 on the 1st April can apply for a Senior Citizen 5 day or 7 day membership.
  • Persons who are not over 60 on 1st April will not be able to apply for the above memberships
  • Evidence of age must be seen by the golf shop staff at the time of joining or renewing and this must be evidenced on the membership application form.
  • No discounts will be given if a person becomes over 60 during the year.


A junior member must be under 18 on the 1st of April.

They will only become adult members if they are 18 at the 1st of April. If they become 18 after 1st April then they will only pay adult membership fees from the following April.

The youth 18-21 membership is available to those between the ages of 18 and 21 and who are still in full time education.

The School Saver ticket is similar to the junior membership but play is restricted to the school holidays.

Restrictions apply to all junior members and junior casual players as follows:

  • No play allowed between 4.30pm and 6pm on week days
  • No play allowed before 2pm on weekends
  • No play allowed before 10am and between 4.30pm and 6pm during school holidays

The exceptions to the above rules are where the junior is playing with an adult, as part of an organised competition, or has an appropriate handicap.

7 Day and 5 Day Memberships

These memberships are non-interchangeable during the year, unless a further full fee is paid.

Buggy Hire

Buggy hire is only available to customers over 25 years of age and photographic proof of age must be provided.

In addition to the buggy hire fee, a deposit is required from the customer at the time of hiring.

Buggy hire fees are different for season ticket holders and non season ticket holders.

The deposit is refunded on return of the buggy in the same condition as it was at the time of hiring.

The method of refund of the deposit will be by the same method as the original payment i.e. if cash is paid initially cash will be refunded.

Complimentary Rounds of Golf

Where a round of golf is unable to be played due to unforeseen circumstances, Golf Shop staff should be informed.

The customer should be advised to contact the Town Clerk in writing, of the circumstances that led to play being curtailed.

The Town Clerk will decide whether a complimentary ticket can be issued.

Twilight Tickets

Twilight tickets can be issued during the months March to September.

They apply where a non-season ticket holder wishes to start a round of golf, two and a half hours or less before dusk, when it would be impossible to fit in 18 holes of golf.

It is at the discretion of the Golf Professional to decide when these tickets are applicable.

Winter Tickets

Winter tickets apply during the months of October to February.

They allow a round of golf at half price where inclement weather means that a full round of golf is impossible or where some of the holes on the golf course are closed.

It is at the discretion of the Golf Professional to decide when these tickets are applicable.

County Card

County Cards provide senior citizen members of the County Durham Golf Association with one round of Golf at each golf course in the area at a reduced rate of £5.

Cards will be crossed off on the back once the £5 round has been taken and future rounds will be at the full rate.

County Book

County Durham Golf Association members can buy a ‘County Book’ that then provides a 10% discount on golf rounds at all golf courses in the county.

Charity Days

Golf Charity Day rounds are charged at half price.

Replacement Cards

A charge is made for replacement membership swipe cards which are lost.

It is at the discretion of the Golf Manager to decide when these charges are applicable.

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