Petition for Boundary Change

Great Aycliffe Town Council is in the process of seeking a Community Governance Review from Durham County Council in order to alter the present boundary of Great Aycliffe Parish, to incorporate the area known as Eldon Whins, currently part of Middridge Parish.

There are several reasons for this proposal.  The area is immediately adjacent to Newton Aycliffe, appearing to be naturally part of the town, and will be developed for housing in the future.  Residents of the new housing will utilise the services within Great Aycliffe.  In addition, the area was originally identified as being part of the expansion of the new town and was purchased by the Aycliffe and Peterlee Development Corporation for that purpose.

The Town Council is required by law to provide a petition, which must contain a minimum of 2088 signatures obtained from electors who reside within the current boundary of Great Aycliffe Parish, requesting a Community Governance Review.

The petition is available for signature at the Town Council Offices; in addition Councillors will be calling on residents to obtain signatures.  Once the required number of signatures is obtained, this Town Council will forward the petition to Durham County Council for consideration.

A plan of the proposed boundary change can be viewed by clicking here, and more information is available from this link.