Silver Mushroom Sculpture
Mushroom Sculpture

Great Aycliffe is a vibrant community, set in an attractive semi-rural setting.  It is bounded on all sides with open countryside and the area administered by the Town Council contains many attractive green spaces.

Great Aycliffe is constituted as a Town Council and is therefore the tier of local government closest to the residents.  Our Councillors are democratically elected and we ensure we are open, honest and accountable to our residents.  The residents are encouraged to be involved in Town Council matters.  View our pages on Community Engagement for further information on how to become involved.

A large orchid

The menu on your left has links to the History of Aycliffe and the background to the Heraldic Shield, which is the crest used by the Town Council.  Grant of Arms to the Aycliffe Development Corporation was made by the College of Heralds in October, 1956 and transfered to the Town Council.

Schools in the area are generally good, and are increasingly linked to the higher education network.  The towns and villages have excellent road links to the A1, and Newton Aycliffe has a train station on the Darlington to Bishop Auckland rail line.  The Aycliffe Industrial Park comprises 230 hectares and is a base for a mix of local, national and international companies.   There is a wide range of clubs and societies active in the area, and play and leisure facilities are provided by Great Aycliffe Town Council and Durham County Council.

Housing conditions are generally above average.  Significant levels of new house building mean that Aycliffe can offer a wide choice of starter, family and executive homes to new residents coming to the area.

The Town Centre has a mix of individual retail outlets and smaller chain stores, with individual retail outlets in neighbourhood areas.  The proposed redevelopment of the town centre commenced in January 2009.  A wider range of shopping facilities are available in nearby Darlington, Bishop Auckland and Durham.