We maintain 5 sites throughout the Parish that are used for growing vegetables and flowers.

Additionally, we have poultry sites at Clarence Chare Allotment Site and pigeon lofts and a bee keeping area at St Oswald’s Allotment site.

To be eligible to rent a site you must be resident in the Parish of Great Aycliffe, i.e. School Aycliffe, Newton Aycliffe or Aycliffe Village.

Rents for plots within the Parish are decided upon by the Council and are avaliable to download.

Download allotment rent charges.

We work closely with allotment representatives and tenants to ensure that we provide an appropriate and satisfactory allotment service. Our Allotments Charter is our commitment to our tenants.

One of our sites, Clarence Chare, has ‘raised beds’ which are ideal for use by people who have spine or mobility problems.