Allotments Charter

The Council has adopted an Allotments Charter in 1999 which covers all of its allotment sites.  The Charter outlines the Council’s roles and responsibilities to its tenants.

In addition, the Council has produced two information booklets to help new tenants.  The Really Useful Allotment Tenants’ Handbook and the Composting Guide are designed to assist you to get started on your allotment garden.

The Allotment Charter

We Promise

  • To cut the public areas of grass 12 times per year at appropriate times.
  • To remove rubbish from the sites 26 times per year as appropriate.
  • To inspect boundaries every six weeks including trees, fences, hedges and gates and carry out maintenance as appropriate.
  • To inspect litter and debris on the site every six weeks and remove as appropriate.
  • To maintain vacant plots in a condition deemed appropriate by the Council.
  • To inspect access roads carrying out repairs and maintenance once a year.
  • To undertake the administration of allotment sites to include the administration of lettings, contracts, planning matters, boundaries, legal protection, insurance, and to provide immediate access through the Environment Services Manager for allotment holders who have queries or complaints.
  • To inspect the condition of plots every six weeks and to maintain suitable standards of care issuing warnings and notices to quit as appropriate .
  • To meet with allotment holders once a year to discuss the condition of the sites.
  • To inspect the water supply every six weeks.
  • To work closely with allotment representatives and tenants to ensure the provision of an appropriate and satisfactory allotment service