Your Aycliffe 75 Memories

Do you have any old photographs or memorabilia depicting events on the town – such as royal visits, Silver Jubilee street party celebrations, the carnival, community events, construction or opening of buildings or shops? 

We are looking for anything of nostalgic or historic interest.

If you have anything at all that you would like to donate, or memories to share, get in touch with Amanda Donald, Corporate & Policy Officer at the Town Council.

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I moved to Aycliffe in 1953, because my dad was a police officer at the then headquarters. There were very few facilities, one shop in an old building. I particularly remember when the queen visited, I was in the Guides, and kept seeing my dad on duty! I also remember the night the Bakelite factory blew up!


Resident from 1953 to 1965

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My parents and I had been living in a bungalow in Foundry Row, Coxhoe when my Dad started a new job at ENV Engineering on Aycliffe's new trading estate in early 1953. We soon moved into No.69 Bowes Road in the town, a brand new council house in a quiet area, with a green hill at the end of the street where kids could run up and down all day and which is still there. When we moved in, there was a huge tree in our front garden, just a few feet from our living room window. The branches used to clatter against the bedroom windows when it was stormy, keeping everyone awake, and my Dad asked the council several times to remove it. After more than a year he finally reached the ears of the formidable and fearsome Miss Hamilton, who came straight around to see it for herself and then summoned workmen within days to cut it down. The photo shows me aged about three in front of the tree.


I lived there from age 7 months in 1953 until June 1977 when my new wife and I moved to Teesside

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I was one of the first people to get married at St Clare's church and we had our wedding reception at the Gretna.


I lived in the town when I was young and moved away for nearly 40 years and now I’m back at the age of 87