Bowls Hall is Open

The Bowls Hall is now open. We are so pleased to welcome you back!

Many things have had to change, so for your improved enjoyment please could you take a moment to read the guidelines.

  • 15 minutes has been allocated between time slots, please vacate the bowls hall as soon as your game finishes and arrive no more than 5 minutes before the start of your game.  (sorry no spectating if it means the maximum of 4 per rink is breached) 
  • Follow the one way system when collecting and depositing bowls from lockers.
  • Wash/sanitise your hands regularly.
  • Do not walk around the building, staff will check at intervals if you require drinks, (payment preferably by card.
  • Play is a maximum of pairs(4 per rink) presently no inter club competitions
  • We have reduced to 3 rinks, rinks 1 and 3 to commence play from the reception end rink 2 from the far end.
  • We encourage the use of face shielding but it is not mandatory.
  • No hiring of equipment or sharing of locker keys.
  • We have provided sanitiser and paper roll to clean the Jack and Mat before and after play. It is the responsibility of the lead player to ensure this occurs. Please use the bins provided.
  • Staff will deep clean equipment twice a day.
  • Please follow the directional arrows and information on poster, failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave. We operate a one-way system in via the main entrance and out via the door in the bar.
  • Toilets are open in reception , please be aware there may be a queue. Paper and sanitiser has been provided for you to wipe surfaces as you go. We have increased our cleaning schedules, and will sanitise communal areas every 30 minutes.
  • Staff are here to help everyone have an enjoyable experience, abuse of staff and users will not be tolerated .

These rules are in line with the governments guidelines to help keep everyone safe. Thank you for understanding

If you need to go outside to smoke, please consider other users by moving off the ramp and giving way to maintain the 2 metres.