In most cases burial arrangements will be made by the nominated Funeral Director who will also advise on cemetery protocol.

Full grave plots are intended for two interments, as are plots for cremated remains. Single graves are available on request, but the price of the grave is the same as a double plot. Cremated remains may also be interred in full grave plots subject to approval.

The Cemetery Manager will select the next appropriate plot for burial in each case.

Interments times are arranged by the Funeral Director.

When arrangements are made for mourners to meet at the cemetery, those intending to arrive before the funeral cortege should be advised to park in the main car park and wait on foot at the cemetery gates for the arrival of the cortege.

The time announced for the burial to take place will normally mean the time that the funeral is due to arrive at the cemetery gates.

Cars arriving in procession with the funeral cortege should follow the Funeral Director into the cemetery through the main gates.

To avoid traffic congestion drivers should keep well over to the left hand side of the road as in most cases the cortège will need to proceed to the turning circle at the end of the inner access road and turn back on itself before arriving at the final parking position.

All cars should keep on moving in procession until cars in front have stopped. Please follow directions of staff on site at all times.