Grave Planting

Each full grave plot has an area of 1050mm by 460mm (3’6” wide by 1’6” deep) at the head of the plot, which in most cases will be left undisturbed by the grave excavation process.

Bearing in mind problems associated with settlement, purchasers of Grants of Right of Burial are respectfully requested to restrict planting activities to this area, which is also intended to accommodate any future memorial installation. In the case of flat headstones planting is restricted to 9” around the area of the headstone. (Note In the case of second interments the planted area will be removed along with the flat headstone.)

Planting should be limited to annual bedding plants, bulbs or heathers; other suitable items may be planted with permission.Maintenance and upkeep of these areas is the responsibility of the Grant holder. The planting of trees or conifers is not permitted. The Town Council reserve the right to clear such planted areas without further notice should the plot become neglected or weedy or where plants overgrow into adjacent plots. No planting is permitted in the cremated remains area.