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Sport and Fitness

The Oakleaf Sports Complex offers coaching and hire facilities for many kinds of sport.

Great Aycliffe Indoor Bowling Club

We have a membership of all ages from 14 to 80+ and offer social as well as competitive bowling.

Meet At Oakleaf Sports Complex Bowling Green
Sunday to Saturday (September to April)
Monday and Friday (April to September)
Vets 2.30 pm  Monday and Thursday
Ladies Monday 4.30 pm, Wednesdays 12.30 and Fridays 12.30 pm
Men and Mixed Sunday to Saturday 6.30 pm.
Contact Peter Rogers, Chairperson or Michael Spencer, Secretary

Newton Aycliffe Youth Junior Football Club

Our junior football club provides coaching and team football for boys and girls up to 18 years of age.

Meet at Oakleaf Sports Complex, School Aycliffe Lane
Time Various days, 5.30 – 7.00 pm (Summer)
Contact Person Bernie Borsberry  07939 045242
Telephone No. 07939 045242
e-mail Address
website Newton Aycliffe Youth Football Club


Pilates is an exercise programme using slow controlled movements to target the deep core muscles of the body.
It is great for the abdomen, spine, pelvic floor and joints.

Meet At Pioneering Care Centre and School Aycliffe Community Hall
Time Sunday 6.00 pm- 7.00 pm
Contact Person Ione Hannam, Pilates Instructor
Telephone No 07932 780116

Aycliffe Sub Aqua Club

A not for profit SCUBA diving club, associated to the Sub Aqua Association.We welcome those with no experience wishing to learn and divers already qualified, (through any organisation) and wanting to find a local active dive club.The Club offers training in and an extensive range of courses and qualifications at regional and national level.We also enjoy a healthy social calendar and readily welcome new members.

Meet At Newton Aycliffe Recreation Centre, Beveridge Way, Newton Aycliffe
Time Most Thursdays (8.00 pm in the bar, then 9.00 – 10.00 pm in the pool
Contact people Paul Simmons, Secretary 0796 8217 425Peter Haden, Dive Officer, telephone 0772 1012 360

Nia Techniques

Nia is holistic fitness for body and mind, blending the joyfulness of dance with energy of yoga and martial arts. Fun, low-impact, easy-to-follow cardio workout, to inspiring music from around the world.

No  experience required.   Suitable for any shape, age or level of fitness.

Time Tuesday 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm
Contact Anne Cosgrove, Instructor

Newton Aycliffe Hapkido Club

Newton Aycliffe’s own Hapkido class for all ages over 7 years. Our main focus is to improve the fitness and confidence of all of our students. We want you to be able to effectively defend yourselves and know that fighting is always a last resort.  We focus a lot of our energy on anti- bullying and letting everyone know that its not OK to fight, and certainly not OK to bully someone.  There is always someone to talk to at the class and we will be discrete about what you tell us and help in any way we can.  Instructor John Gittins – 2nd Dan Black BeltPlease contact me if you would like any information about the class, students, prices or even just to find out what Hapkido involves. We have plans to add new classes so keep checking if Wednesdays aren’t good for you.

Meet At Newton Aycliffe Leisure Centre
5.30 pm – 6.00 pm
Contact John Gittins, Instructor
Telephone 07745 479041

Aycliffe Running Club

We are a friendly club that in addition to running we have social events that include bus trips to selected races with refreshment opportunity before returning home. The aim of the club is to develop an individual’s fitness and athletic ability in an enjoyable and safe environment to the point where he/she may choose to compete on equal terms with athletes from other clubs. Non-competitive members who enjoy the fitness aspect of training are also welcomed and encouraged.

Club subscriptions are payable on joining and are renewable annually in January. Club members are registered with the England Athletics., and for event purposes are then “Attached Runners”, which makes entry to events cheaper and earns discount on purchases from many sports retailers.

Meet At Beginners and retuning to running; from Oak Leaf Complex;Monday; 6:30 – 7:30; free
Winter indoor circuits October to April; Oak Leaf Complex, Hall;
Tuesday; 6:00-7:00; non-members £2
Running; from Oak Leaf Complex; Tuesday; 7:00-8:00;
non-members £2 (for 1-month trial)
Track; Sunnydale Leisure Centre; Thursday; 6:30-7:30;
non-members £2 (for 1-month trial)
Annual, Aycliffe10K and Fun Run, every father’s day on the Sunday morning,
organised and managed by the Club
Contact Alan Kellett, Secretary
Telephone 07543 804 875

Kim Chung Do Kwan Martial Art

We offer Martial Arts training designed to improve physical and mental health in a safe and nurturing environment.

Primarily focused on low to moderate intensity exercise, tailored to the needs of the individual. We aim to build confidence, independence and self discipline.

Our Instructors have 20 years of experience in the Martial Art and are sought after globally for their teaching. All Instructors are registered with the British Taekwondo Council and the World Mudo Academy, have DBS certification and are 1st aid qualified.

Meet At Newton Aycliffe Leisure Centre
When Tuesday, 7 – 8 pm
 Age Groups 6 years- 106 years
Contact Hannah Hatfield, Instructor
Telephone 0777 5333168
Website Kimchungdokwan