Openness of Local Government Regulations 2014

Summary of the Requirement of the Regulations

The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 came into force on 6th August 2014.

The intention of the Regulations is to strengthen local accountability by increasing transparency and enabling the scrutiny of public bodies by local people.

The Regulations cover the following three main topics:-

  • Publishing Notices, Agendas, Documents and Minutes on the Internet;
  • Filming and recording Council Meetings; and
  • Publicising decisions made under delegated powers.

1. Publishing Notices, Agendas, Documents and Minutes

The Council already publishes notices, agendas, documents and minutes of all meetings elsewhere on the Council website.

2. Filming and Recording of Council Meetings

Information on public participation at Council meetings as well as on the filming and recording of Council meetings.

3. Publicising Decisions Made by Officers Under Delegated Powers

The Regulations requires a decision to be formally recorded and published if it would otherwise have been taken by a council, committee, sub-committee or a joint committee but has been delegated to an officer under:-

(a) A Specific Express Authorisation

This would cover formal and specific delegated authority to senior officers, for example for the Town Clerk to incur expenditure in the case of an emergency.

(b)  A General Authorisation

This covers general delegated authority to senior officers to take decisions on behalf of the Council and where the effect of the decision is to:-

(i) Grant a Permission or Licence

For example to agree the terms of any lease or licence, variations of restrictive covenants, and granting of easements, way leaves or licences over council land.

(ii) Affect the Rights of an Individual

For example the termination of an allotment garden tenancy or an exclusion from a council facility.

(iii) Award a Contract or Incur Expenditure Which Materially Affects the Councils Financial Position.

The “material threshold” is a judgement to be made by individual councils and has been set at £5,000 by the Council.

Any officer making decisions such as those above must produce a written record of their decision as soon as reasonably practicable after the decision has been made and this record as well as any background papers must be made available for public inspection and retained for a prescribed period of time.

The council is not authorised or required to disclose or make available for inspection documents that
contain confidential information.

Publication of Decisions Made by Officers of the Council

In many cases, relevant decisions made by officers will have already been reported to the Council or a Committee as a matter of course, and in these cases an appropriate record of the decision taken by the officer will already exist in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations and published within the Meetings section of the website.

However, any decisions taken by officers since August 2014, that are not reported elsewhere on the website, have been published below, broken down by each category of decision:-

Specific Express Authorisation

None to date.

General Authorisation to Grant a Permission or Licence

None to date.

General Authorisation Affecting the Rights of an Individual

None to date.

General Authorisation to Award a Contract or Incur Expenditure Which Materially Affects the Councils Financial Position.

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