Customer Panel

The Customer Panel meet when required to discuss a wide range of issues.  They also get the opportunity to speak to the Councillors, and the Town Clerk, Dan Austin, and ask about current issues. In addition, financial and budget information is provided by the Finance Officer, Dan Austin, and panel members are asked for their comments and suggestions for ways to improve the Town Council Services, what we provide and savings that could potentially be made.

This group do have the opportunity to influence the work of the Town Council and their views and comments are taken seriously.  The meetings are always lively with lots of open debate.  Whilst there isn’t always agreement, the open and honest discussions ensure everyone gets to have a say.

As a democratically elected body for Great Aycliffe, the Town Council continually seeks to recruit new members to the Customer Panel Group. If you think you may be interested in becoming a member please ring Chrissy Walton or Amanda Donald on 01325 300700 who will provide you with more information.

The Customer Panel meetings are advertised in the local press and on notice boards along with all other Town Council meetings.

The notes from our meetings can be found below.

30 January 2018

Budget Notes 15 November 2017

Budget Meeting – 1 November 2016.

26 January 2016.