Community Recognition and Awards Scheme

In Search of Community Heroes 

Do you know a Local Hero?  Do you know someone who dedicates their time to improving the welfare of residents of Great Aycliffe or raising the profile of the parish through charity work, fundraising, environmental work, outstanding sport, art or cultural contributions?

Great Aycliffe Town Council is launching its new Community Recognition and Awards Scheme, which aims to recognise the often-unsung heroes of the local community.  Parish residents are invited to nominate individuals whom they feel are deserving of this award.  Nominations will be considered by the Council and successful nominees will be invited to a Council meeting and presented with a Community Recognition Scheme Certificate and Local Hero Medal by the Mayor.

Nominations may be made at any time throughout the year and will be reported to the next available meeting of the Council for consideration.  They may be made in respect of any individual or individuals who are either a resident of or regularly undertake voluntary work within the Great Aycliffe Parish and may only be made by residents of the Parish.

Nominees must fulfil at least one of the following criteria:-

  • They have made a material contribution towards the improvement of services and facilities in Great Aycliffe
  • They have made a material contribution towards the improvement of the environment in Great Aycliffe
  • They have made a significant contribution toward improving the welfare or wellbeing of residents of the Parish
  • They have significantly promoted or raised the profile of the Parish
  • They have undertaken significant charitable work or charitable fundraising within the Parish
  • They have significantly assisted the work of the Town Council in a voluntary capacity
  • They have demonstrated outstanding citizenship
  • They have been recognised for a significant personal achievement e.g. sporting excellence, contribution to arts and culture

Completed forms should be returned to the Council Offices, School Aycliffe Lane, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 6QF or email a scanned copy of the form to