Council Assets

The Town Council owns and maintains various pieces of land throughout the Great Aycliffe Parish. This land includes parkland, playing fields, allotments, village greens, cemetery grounds, a golf course, nature parks and numerous areas of green open space.

The Council also owns and runs a number of buildings including the Council Offices, Depots, Oak Leaf Sports Complex and Golf Complex, Stephenson Way and West Cemeteries, a number of park pavilions and changing rooms, Moore Lane Eco Centre and St Oswald’s Pre-Schools.

The Council also utilises various vehicles, plant, machinery and equipment in the provision of its services.

All of this land, buildings, vehicles, machinery and equipment make up the Council’s portfolio of fixed assets and are set out in the Council’s Asset Register

The effective strategic management and maintenance of these assets in order to optimise their utilisation is an important element in ensuring value for money in the delivery of services.

The Council’s long term plan for the management and maintenance of its assets supported by a ten year capital investment plan is set out in the Council Asset Management Plan