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Covid Recovery Grant

The Town Council made a substantial saving on its Revenue Budget last year and a significant proportion of the surplus was made up of ‘one-off’ savings that came about directly as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This was largely as a consequence of services that did not take place during the year, including the unfortunate cancellation of the vast proportion of the Council’s community events programme.

The Town Council has therefore agreed to set aside £100,000 from the Revenue Budget saving in a ‘COVID-19 Recovery Reserve’.

This fund will seek to pass these savings back to the local community via one-off investments during the 2021/22 financial year, to help compensate local taxpayers for the services that have not taken place this year.

It has been agreed that there will be four main strands to the COVID-19 Recovery Fund, as follows:-

  1. A £25,000 Community Grants Fund to provide financial assistance to local organisations to help them recover from the pandemic.
  2. A Recreation Fund to make investment in recreational activities and events.
  3. An Environment Fund to make investments in environmental improvements such as tree and bulb planting and creation of wildflower meadows.
  4. Funds to undertake improvement of the former Elmfield School site, subject to a lease being agreed with Durham County Council.

Applications are invited from local community groups for grants from this fund and applications forms are available by contacting 01325 300700 or emailing

The forms can also be downloaded via the links below:-

Grant Application Form

Grant Terms and Conditions and Post Grant Questionnaire