Budget Summaries

This section of the website includes links to the Budget Summaries for each individual service budget of the Council. When taken together, these individual service budgets form the Council’s overall Revenue and Capital Budget.

The Budget Summaries set out detailed background information to each individual service provided by the Council including:

  • name of the budget
  • responsible budget manager
  • gross and net budgets
  • purpose of the budget
  • scope of activity and nature of the service
  • the contribution towards the achievement of the Council’s strategic aims
  • performance measures
  • importance of the service to the community
  • details of any funding or fees and charges in respect of the service

Links to the Budget Summaries are set out below:

Members and Civic




Pre Schools

Works and Depot

Capital Financing Charges


Sports Complex

Sports Pitches

Golf Complex

Parks and Play Areas


Street Equipment



Capital Programme