Parish Performance Plans / Town Council Service Delivery Plan

Following the Great Aycliffe Neighbourhood Plan consultation the Council undertook a full review of the Parish Performance Plan to ensure it was still ‘fit for purpose’. It was agreed that the plan was still relevant and fit for purpose but some minor changes were made the plan is now called the Town Council Service Delivery Plan as it is also the service plan for the corporate work of the Council.

The Town Council Service Deliver Plan is a strategic, high level document which provides an explanation of the work of the Town Council, a summary of our financial position, the end of year status on our targets and provides a list of the coming year’s new targets.  It is a detailed document, also providing an overview of each of our services.

We also produce an Annual Report which is a short summary of the Town Council’s work, new targets and achievements.  These can be viewed in our newsletters section.

The Town Council is no longer bound by the rules and regulations of Best Value.  However, we continue to strive to achieve best value although, more importantly, value for money, in everything we do. We incorporated some of the Best Value ethos into our Service Delivery Plan. The Town Council Service Delivery Plan is updated each year, taking into account the views of our residents.  These are sought in a number of ways.  A town-wide survey is undertaken every three years, which seeks the residents’ views on our existing services and asks for improvements or ideas.  In addition, officers of the Council regularly attend community events around the Town to take snap-shot information on the day.  Where possible these comments are taken into account when producing the Town Council Service Delivery Plan

Town Council Service Delivery Plan 2023-24

Town Council Service Delivery Plan 2022-23

Town Council Service Delivery Plan 2021 – 2022

Town Council Service Delivery Plan 2019 – 2020

Town Council Service Delivery Plan 2018-2019

Town Council Service Delivery Plan 2017-2018

Town Council Service Delivery Plan 2016-2017

Service Delivery Plan 2015-2016.

There was no update of the Parish Plan for 2014/15 due to the work being undertaken on the Great Aycliffe Neighbourhood Plan.

You can view our Parish Performance Plans below.

Parish Performance Plan 2013/2014.

Parish Performance Plan 2012/2013. plus the Annual Audit Letter 2011/2012. (always received the following year)