Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters

We realise that some people have difficulty in walking any distance and rely upon their battery operated scooters to help them to get around.

We do allow LIGHTWEIGHT mobility scooters that you are responsible for dismantling and re-assembling.  For our purposes, a lightweight scooter is one that can be lifted without difficulty, or some parts of the scooter being removed temporarily to enable someone to lift it without injuring themselves.

We would not expect you to lift your scooter into the boot of the coach, but equally, the driver or courier must not be put at risk of injury whilst lifting it themselves.

For health and safety reasons the driver/courier may refuse to board your scooter if it is too heavy for him/her to lift.  If you have any queries regarding the weight of your scooter, please telephone us prior to booking.

If you only have a heavyweight scooter, and are unable to walk, we may provide a place for someone to push you in a normal wheelchair.

If you wish to bring either a wheelchair or mobility scooter, it must fold down small enough to fit in the coach’s boot and you must be fully aware of how to do this. (Unless you need to remain in your wheelchair during the journey).

If you need to travel in your wheelchair, you can use one of the wheelchair accessible coaches.  There is a wheelchair hoist that can be used to lift your wheelchair into the coach.  These coaches are the same specification as the other coaches.  The only difference is that they have a wheelchair hoist opening on the side.  People who do not have mobility problems are free to travel on the days that we use this coach too.