Housing Group

Housing was ranked third in order of importance for the residents of Great Aycliffe.

When asked if your home meets your personal needs in 5 years only 10% of respondents said ‘no’ and this figure only rose to 17% when asked about the next 10 years.  This shows that the range and type of housing available in Aycliffe gives residents a large choice. However, with an ageing population bungalows were the most requested type of housing.

Residents thought ensuring green open spaces in new developments was extremely important as was the design.  Residents also thought renewable energy and solar panels were important to reduce costs and keep the heating bills down.

The housing thematic group started work reviewing residents comments and planning policies in May to investigate the best options for the neighbourhood plan.  If you think you may be interested in joining the group please contact christine.walton@great-aycliffe.gov.uk or telephone her on 01325 300700

The notes of the meetings can be found below.

15 June 2015.

4 June 2015.

21 May 2015.