Vision and Themes

Our Vision

Following extensive consultation with the public, residents and businesses the following vision was agreed.

“To make Great Aycliffe a vibrant community, the Neighbourhood Plan will seek to enhance the natural environment, support and encourage high quality housing, local jobs and improved retail and leisure facilities in a healthy, green and attractive town” 

The consultation highlighted six themes which would deal with the residents main priorities.  These in turn will help to achieve the vision and supporting each theme are objectives, issues and options which will be investigated.

Download Great Aycliffe Neighbourhood Plan Visions

Download Visions and Themes.

Theme 1 – Environment

Theme 2 – Housing

Theme 3 – Retail (although this was the number one priority for residents, work could not start on this area until the soft retail market analysis was undertaken)

Theme 4 – Aycliffe Village (The Village has a uniqueness and different needs to the rest of the parish, therefore it is considered prudent that it is looked at as a separate section, at least initially to ensure the uniqueness does not get lost in the wider review)

Theme 5 – Sustainability and Climate Change

Theme 6 – Transport and Access

Themes 5 and 6 will likely cross over all areas.

Each theme has supporting information and working papers which will be made available to view.