Holes 7 – 12

  • 7th Hole – Par 4 – 314 Yards – Similar to the last, a dog leg right par 4, that is a little bit longer than the previous hole. Again a risk and reward hole, however this green is well guarded ditches that are difficult to see and tricky bunker front right. Green slopes from left to right towards said ditches.


  • 8th Hole – Par 4 – 328 Yards – This dog leg left demands a right to left shot shape, keeping you away from trees and fairway bunkers positioned on the right. This will leave you with a flat lie as well as opening up the green. But beware of the deep front left bunker that will catch you out.


  • 9th Hole – Par 3 – 204 Yards – A descending hole to a slight domed shape green. A shot to the front of the green is a must as anything long will be caught by a bunker or finish up in bushes.


  • 10th Hole – Par 3 – 236 Yards – Another long par three that requires a solid hit from the tee. Not much trouble on this hole, but a good strike is a must.


  • 11th Hole – Par 3 – 184 Yards – Typical parkland par 3 – surrounded by everything golfers hate. Bunkers, trees and a sloping green make this a difficult club selection from the tee.


  • 12th Hole – Par 4 – 282 Yards – ‘Risk and reward’ hole of the highest. This hole demands a draw for a right-hand person. Ponds, ditches and bunkers litter this hole. Don’t go left on this tee shot. A potential card wrecker.