Land and Property

A list of all land and property owned by Great Aycliffe Town Council is available from the links below. Plans are for identification and guidance purposes only and are not to be used for scaling or formal documentation.

Land and Property Owned by Great Aycliffe Town Council together with a description is available with reference to the maps below.

Asset ID Name of Building/Land
A1 Byerley Park Allotments
A2 St Oswald’s Allotments
A3 Finchale Road Allotments
A4 Clarence Chare Allotments
A5 Aycliffe Village Allotments
Parks and Play Areas
P1 Moore Lane Park
P2 Byerley Park Play Area
P3 St Oswald’s Park
P4 Woodham Park
P5 Simpasture Park
P6 Town Park
P7 Horndale Park
P8 West Park
P9 Aycliffe Village Play Area
P10  School Aycliffe Play Area
P11 Scott Place Play Area
P12 Cobbler’s Hall Play Area
C1 West Cemetery
C2 Stephenson Way Cemetery
Green Spaces
GS1 Simpasture Nature Walk (East)
GS2 Simpasture Nature Walk (West)
GS3 Congreve Terrace
GS4 Bickford Terrace
GS5 Aycliffe Village Greens
GS6 South Agnew Plantation
GS7 Woodham Burn Nature Area (Part 1)
GS8 Woodham Burn Nature Area (Part 2)
GS9 Nature Park
GS10 Land on north side of Fujitsu Way
GS11 Land to north of Millennium Way
Open Spaces
OS2 Rear Greathead Crescent
OS3 Bluebell Meadow Playground
OS4 Land North East of Hurworth Hunt
OS5 St Oswald’s Open Space
OS6 Rail Halt
OS8 Open Space adjacent to Woodham Park (Part 2)
OS9 School Aycliffe Wetland and Open Space
OS10 Oakleaf Golf Course
OS11 Oakleaf Sports Pitches
OS12 Lorry Park
OS13 Woodland at Clarence Chare
B1 Depot
B2 Oakleaf Sports Complex and Field
B3 Council Offices