The Steering Group

The role of The Steering Group is to ensure a sound Neighbourhood Plan is produced which defines the planning policy priorities identified by the community, residents and businesses of the Great Aycliffe Parish. Download the Terms of Reference.

We are at a stage of the Plan where there is no need for individual thematic group meetings.  All groups now meet together to progress any issues and discuss draft proposals and documents.

The notes of the ‘All Group’ meetings can be found below:-

26 May 2016.

17 March 2016.

7 January 2016.

10 December 2015.

12 November 2015.

The notes of the Steering Group meetings can be found below:-

20 August 2015.

16 July 2015.

18 June 2015.

7 May 2015.

19 March 2015

12 February 2015.

8 January 2015.

11 December 2014.

20 November 2014.

23 October 2014.

28 August 2014.

31 July 2014.

3 July 2014.

The Steering Group is made up of the following 16 representatives

Mr Mark Rowcroft, Public Rep

Mr Ian Wiggett, Public Rep

Mr Jim Cokill, Durham Wildlife Trust

Miss Kerina Clark, Business

Mr Bryan Haldane, Retail (resigned from the group July 2015)

Mr David Sutton-Lloyd, Community Groups

Mr Syd Howarth, Voluntary Sector

Mr Brian Riley, Area Action Partnership

Councillor Mike Dixon, Durham County Council

Councillors James Atkinson, Michael Dalton, Ian Gray, Brian Hall, Chris Wheeler, Great Aycliffe Town Council

Mrs Chrissy Walton, Corporate & Policy Officer