Aycliffe Village

The follow up meeting held at the Village Hall on Tuesday 25th November was another great success with 41 people signing in and more in attendance. Notes can be found here – Notes 26 May 2016

Only 50 questionnaires were received from Aycliffe Village residents. There was overwhelming support to save the green spaces and keep the village feel. The top site highlighted for development was The North Briton followed by Congreve Terrace. One resident did suggest building on the village green! As a registered village green this will not happen and is protected by the ‘registered’ status. The owners of The North Briton site have been investigating a number of options to develop the site, however, there has been no interest from any retailers.

Another priority for the residents, who attended meetings and completed questionnaires, was the speed of vehicles on the A167. Town Council officers contacted DCC Traffic Asset Manager and were informed that this had been investigated in the mid 2000s in conjunction with the Police and using DfT guidance which is based upon research conducted nationally and implies that motorists will drive to the environment and the introduction of a speed limit when it is not credible does little to modify drivers speeds. Therefore they could not support a reduced speed limit on this section of road.

A summary of the meeting held on 1st September.

If you have any additional comment please contact Chrissy Walton on christine.walton@great-aycliffe.gov.uk or telephone 01325 300700