Boundary Change

Following a motion from Councillors E M Adam and A M Chandran, which was considered at the Council meeting, held on 18 September 2013, it was agreed to contact Durham County Council to seek a Community Governance Review to alter the present boundary of Great Aycliffe to incorporate the area known as Eldon Whins into the parish of Great Aycliffe.

The reasons for the proposal to incorporate this area into Great Aycliffe are:

  • The area will be developed for housing in the future, residents will utilise the services within Great Aycliffe (Newton Aycliffe).
  • The area is immediately adjacent to Newton Aycliffe and will appear to be part of Newton Aycliffe.
  • The area was originally identified as being part of the expansion of the new town and purchased by the Aycliffe and Peterlee Development Corporation for that purpose.

The Town Council submitted a request for a Community Governance Review to Durham County Council for the area in question.

Confirmation was received from Durham County Council at the end of March, which agreed to the Review, subject to a valid petition.

The Council confirmed its intention to proceed at the Council meeting on on 23 April 2014.

The requirements for a valid Community Governance petition are set out in law – Section 80 of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 (see ).

In this case, the Town Council is required to provide a valid petition, which must contain a minimum of 2088 signatures, obtained from electors who reside within the current boundary of Great Aycliffe parish.

Forms for the petition, incorporating a plan of the area in question, have been produced to gather signatures of support.