Council announce plans to provide additional privacy in Stephenson Way Cemetery Grounds

Earlier in the year Great Aycliffe Town Council removed a leylandii hedge within the grounds of Stephenson Way Cemetery which had become massively overgrown for its location and was causing significant problems with neighbouring residential properties, street lighting and the surrounding footpaths.

Since the felling of the hedge the stumps have been removed and the ground prepared for replacement planting.

Great Aycliffe Town Council are aware of concern expressed regarding privacy since the removal of the hedge, both from grieving families tending their loved one’s graves and local residents who over look the cemetery. For this reason, the Council have announced that they plan to replant the former hedge line bordering Stainforth Close and Keld Road with a privet hedge which will be allowed to grow and maintained at approximately 1.5 metres in height.

A privet hedge is relatively easy to maintain to a suitable height and shape, provides a year-round ever green barrier for privacy, whilst also offering additional benefits for wildlife including early flowers for invertebrates such as bees and is followed by small berries which are attractive to some species of birds.

The Council are to plant banks of spring bulbs such as daffodils and crocuses and/or snowdrops to provide much needed early spring colour to help brighten up the site during the dark early months of the year.

The works to plant the privet and spring bulbs will be completed this Autumn.

If you require more information on this subject please contact the Town Council on 01325 300700.