School Groups

Litter picking event from our local schools
Litter Picking

School groups are encouraged to take part and use the environmental facilities that are provided by Great Aycliffe Town Council. These include:

  • Taking advantage of the skills and knowledge of the Works and Environment Manager.
  • Using the facilities at the Moore Lane Environmental Centre.
  • Using the natural areas of Aycliffe as a resource for learning and enjoyment

Great Aycliffe Town Council is willing to attempting to facilitate any environmental project that a school group is considering within the Town.

Among the type of activities the Works and Environment Manager could offer may include:

  • Environmental/ecological class lessons.
  • Basic environmental/ecological lessons within the school grounds.
  • Small scale environmental/ecological improvements within school grounds.
  • Organising or assisting with environmental after school clubs.
  • Organising or assisting with eco- school holiday clubs.
  • A guided tour of one of Aycliffe’s many natural areas.
  • A practical conservation task on one of the natural areas.

The Environment Centre is a resource that is ideally suited to both school and community groups. The Centre will have many resources that a school or community centre cannot offer.

Sessions can be taught in a class room environment, however, where possible children will be encouraged to go out and explore there immediate countryside. Sessions are generally taught in an informal, friendly and fun manner to encourage the participants’  involvement. Environmental games will also be incorporated if possible.

The type of curriculum subjects that can be taught include:

  • Ecology- food chains and webs, life cycles, senses, habitats, adaption and change. Natural cycles including water, energy and seasons.
  • Environment- Climate change and recycling

To arrange an activity please contact the Works and Environment Officer on 01325 300700 or e-mail