Meetings are held on a 6 weekly cycle (approximately) with Special Meetings called as and when necessary.

Sub-Committees and Working Groups are held on an ‘as and when’ basis.  

The agenda and reports may be downloaded from the links as soon as they are available. 

(Please note that some reports may be too big to upload to these pages.  A copy of missing reports can be obtained by contacting the Council Offices on 01325 300700)

Meetings start at 7pm, except the Annual General Meeting which starts at 7.15pm.

All agendas, reports, and minutes in the Meetings Section of the website are fully compliant with the Public Sector Website Accessibility Regulations.

Please note however, that some of the appendices to the committee reports may not be fully accessible e.g. letters, forms and correspondence from third parties, financial figures and statistics etc.

If any user of the website experiences difficulties in reading or understanding any of these attachments please contact the Council and we will strive to provide the information in an alternative format or assist you with your query.

The current statutory list is set out below: