Covid 19


Although there has been a significant drop in transmission and deaths from Covid-19, infections have begun to rise again, and plot-holders need to follow the government guidelines that came in to force on the 14 September 2020.

Please remember to carry on using social distancing and taking hygiene precautions when visiting the site and touching communal surfaces.

Plot-holders over 70 years of age, regardless of general health are particularly vulnerable. It may feel safe on an allotment site but there are still risks.

Any tenants that are advised to SELF ISOLATE and have concerns about maintaining their plot should inform the Town Council by ringing 01325 300700 or by emailing

Tenants attending the site should take the following precautionary measures:

  • DO NOT touch your face after using anything that has been touched by other people before washing or sanitising your hands.
  • Take a flask of hot water, soap and paper towels to the plot with you (cold water will work too). The most effective part of hand washing is the drying using preferably paper towel to remove the layer of dead skin cells – on which virus and bacteria sit. Paper towel to compost heap.
  • Keep hand sanitiser in your shed and your car ensuring you wash or sanitise your hands thoroughly and regularly.
  • Use hand sanitiser before and after opening and closing any gate locks.
  • Ensure gates remain locked to minimise public access.
  • Only visit your allotment plot with others from your own household.
  • Observe “Social Distancing” with each other 2-3 metres.
  • Minimise the contact with each other for example no handshakes.
  • Do not share tools.
  • Wash hands regularly in running water.
  • Do not wash hands or use detergents in the water tanks or water troughs.
  • If you have livestock on the site and the restrictions become more sever. Take a photograph on your phone of your livestock, based on what is happening in other countries you may have to print off a government form to leave the house but if challenged it would be good to be able to show a photograph of where you are going.
  • Stay away from vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions as much as possible
  • If you display any symptoms of coronavirus stay at home and self-isolate for at least 14 days or until symptoms have passed.