After Burial

Backfilling of graves will not normally begin until mourners are making their way out of the cemetery.

Graves are left slightly mounded to allow for settlement and flowers delivered at the time of the burial will be carefully placed on the grave by cemetery staff upon completion of backfilling.

Seeding over of the grave plot will be carried out by cemetery staff following a period of settlement over a minimum period of twelve weeks during which time the grave will be topped up with soil as necessary.

Settling of graves may take longer than twelve weeks depending on weather and ground conditions.

Any plants or items found on the area to be seeded will be carefully relocated to the memorial area to the head of the plot to allow seeding to take place.

Mourners are respectfully advised not to place ornaments or plants on the grave during this settlement time as weather and ground conditions can result in rapid overnight settlement.

Grant holders are requested to remove any wreaths or flowers that were placed on a grave after the funeral as soon as they become wilted. Cemetery staff may dispose of any obviously dead wreaths or flowers that have not been removed.

Where flowers and wreaths have been placed at the graveside following burials or in approved vases then the person placing flowers will be responsible for moving them when they are wilted, to the bins provided on site.

Cemetery staff, at the direction of the Cemetery Manager, may remove any dead flowers that are not removed by visitors.